Welcome to The Bride's Guide to Planning Your Own Wedding! This site was made to help brides (like you!) who want to plan your own wedding and need some help! Wedding planning requires lots of work and little details so I'm here to simplify it all so that you can enjoy it to the max. This shouldnt be a stressing experience, you should be excited!! Feel free to check out the Inpiration page to help get you inpired!! The Plan page shows you the 3 steps to planning your wedding. This website is also geared towards making your wedding as cheap as possible, so there's a How Tos page that has a bunch of projects you can do on your own and have it for your wedding. (Besides making it funner, you can see your masterpieces at your wedding, and they're all really cheap and fun to make!) So smile big and take a deep breath because you are about to plan your own wedding!! In case you arent excited enough (like me), check out a video clip from the movie "Father of the Bride" (double click the big picture) to get in the mood! (if you haven't seen the whole movie, you really should!!) And never forget, have fun!