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The 1992 Dream team was arguably one of the best teams ever assembled in any sport. The combination of young talent, veteran leadership, and outstanding coaching, assured success for the 1992 Olympic Team from the get go. When great teams come along in professional sports, or other Olympic teams, to be great, they are always compared to this iconic team. It's not very often that every single player on a given team is eventually inducted into the Hall of Fame. This fact is absolutely mind blowing! All these players were extremely successful in the NBA, but they took time off of their off-season "resting period" to make an historical chase to win an Olympic Gold medal. When all the greats agreed to do this, it was all but guranteed they would be victorious. Not only did the team show U.S.A.'s dominance in the sport of basketball, it reiderated America's dominance over the rest of the world. I hope as you read more on my website, you learn more about the individuals, and realize just how dominate the Dream Team actually was when their individual talent translated to team success.


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