Welcome to the Warriors movie website, where you can see what type of movie it is. The Warriors were a gang of Ten Swan, Cleon, Ajax, Vermin, Ash, Fox, Rembrandt, Cochise, Cowboy and Snow. This movie is about a gang in New York framed for the muder of Cyrus. The Rogues killed Cyrus in the middle of his, while everybody was chasing down the Warriors. Cyrus was a high respected leader of the Riffs . Nearly every gang respected him because he was like a preacher. He said that "only one gang can rule the city" of New York. Actually, they made a game based on the movie. It is an action-adventure gameplay. This is on xbox and other older systems because of its age. While the Warriors are trying to ecsape the Bronx, they run into a gang called the TurnBullAC's. They are a gang that has no hair and their leader is Birdie. They are on a bus trying to catch the Warriors. There are so many gangs to speak about but i will tell you in the gang section.

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