Coldplay is made up 4 people. Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion ,and Chris Martin.Chris Martin and Jonny Buckl.

They first met during their first weeks at University College London (UCL) in September 1996. They spent the rest of the year planning a band, forming a group called Pectoralz. Guy Berryman, a classmate of Martin and Buckland, later joined the group. By 1997, the group, who had renamed themselves Starfish.

Martin then asked his longtime school friend Phil Harvey, who was studying classics at the University of Oxford, to be the band's manager. Coldplay have since added Harvey as the fifth member of the group. The band was completed when Will Champion joined to take up percussion duties. Champion had grown up playing piano, guitar, bass, and tin whistle. He quickly learned the drums. The band finally settled on the name "Coldplay" which was suggested by Tim Crompton, a local student who had been using the name for his group.



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