About u2

U2 originated in Dublin, Ireland when drummer Larry Mullen Jr posted on the bulletin that he was starting a band, and Bono, The edge, Adam, and Dik(the Edge's brother) all showed up and were admitted into the band. It's original name was "The Larry Mullen Band", but that did not last once Bono showed up and stole the show. Larry was the leader, but Bono took that away within 10 minutes of him showing up. Before they were U2 they were the Hype in 1977. Steve Averill who is a friend of Clayton's gave them a few names to choose from and they chose 'U2' for its ambiguity and open-ended interpretations. Paul McGuinness agreed to be the manager after he was introduced to the band by Bill Graham. In 1978 on St. Patricks Day they won the talent show in Limerick. They recieved a cash prize and got to record a demo with CBS Ireland, a record label. Their first release was in 1979 which was an Ireland-only EP entitled 'Three' which was their first Irish chart success. Their first show was in 1979 in London even though they didn't gain much attention.



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